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Employee or Contractor? A step by step guide

Hiring staff is hard. The current state of employment law in Australia doesn’t help either. That’s why Finlit is here to guide you through figuring out which of your staff should be employees, or contractors. Start by asking ‘Am I hiring this person mainly for their labour?’. If the answer is yes, they are probably an employee. This distinction comes from the Superannuation Act 1992. […]

Clear Evidence

I was speaking about my previous post to a delivery contractor, and he mentioned that there would be some industries that would be especially hard to replace employees with contractors. Particularly, primary schools. This I didn’t have much of a response for, and he is likely correct. But. He also mentioned hospitals. Now this one is different. There’s a nice piece from The Telegraph (surprising I know!) about changes to […]

The future belongs to contractors

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of work. That is half true, I’ve actually been thinking a lot about who will use finlit. My last 4 conversations pitching finlit have resulted in responses like “I agree kids need to know how to save and budget. Financial literacy is a skill for the future” This is disappointing. What I think finlit is especially good at is […]

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