The future belongs to contractors

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of work. That is half true, I’ve actually been thinking a lot about who will use finlit.

My last 4 conversations pitching finlit have resulted in responses like “I agree kids need to know how to save and budget. Financial literacy is a skill for the future”

This is disappointing. What I think finlit is especially good at is contractor services.

In 40 years time, you won’t be an employee. You’ll be a contracted specialist.

“But I’m a white-collar professional!?”

Yes. For you too. Rather than a law firm with 50 employees who are allocated tasks dependant on skills, you will only be hired as a contractor for a project if your skills are essential.

“Does this mean I have to be a specialist?”

No. Well not really. If you want to be the equivalent of today’s employees, specialising could help.

If you want to build teams, products, or services, you have to be comfortable with hiring specialists (one say soon I’ll address the ‘specialise as a generalist’ debate).

So were does that leave finlit? I think finlit will become a contractor services business.

*Unsurprisingly this thought isn’t unique. Check out what’s written on Techcrunch or Fairwork Australia. Interestingly, the right hand column of the table on Fairwork Australia is exactly the job traits people are looking for at present.*

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